About Acne

Acne is the most common skin disorder affecting all ages, and acne cases range in severity from a cosmetic nuisance to scarring. Acne sufferers of all ages from teens to adults benefit from our light and laser therapies. As doctors we believe our acne treatments are safer, less expensive, and more effective than being on a drug program. Seeking treatment early will lead to improvement over the long term and it will minimize scarring. Acne deserves to have expert attention and care. Acne is treatable and scarring is preventable.

How our acne treatment works:


Our gentle IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) phototherapy is very effective for treating acne. From a small handpiece, high power pulses are sent through your skin, fragmenting acne bacteria. Your skin will appear brighter and clearer and you can resume your normal activities. A prescribed IPL program can lead to long-term remission.

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Our doctors often recommend a microdermabrasion session to prepare the skin for IPL and maximize its benefits. This procedure is inexpensive and non-invasive with no down time or side effects.

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Skin care products

An at-home skin care regime using Pro-Derm medical grade acne products yields good results and can maximize your results other treatments.