About Acne Scarring

If you have had moderate to severe acne in the past, it may have resulted in acne scarring, and this is by far the most common facial scarring. As we age and have less collagen in our skin, the scars may stretch and become more noticeable. For some people these scars act like reminders of their previous acne experiences. Our treatments offer a non-invasive, safe, long-lasting and effective solution to acne scarring.

ProFractional scarring treatment

If you are identified by our doctors as a good candidate, you will find ProFractional to be a very effective treatment. This laser creates tiny microscopic channels into damaged tissue. The surrounding healthy skin is stimulated to produce collagen. Because ProFractional is the latest technology laser, targeting damaged tissue and not treating the entire skin area like other lasers, it will give you better results with less down time.

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Microdermabrasion treatment for acne scarring

A microdermabrasion session often assists as a prelude to a ProFractional laser treatment, preparing and softening the skin. This procedure is inexpensive and non-invasive with no down time or side effects.
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Skin care products for acne scarring

An at-home skin care regime using Pro-Derm medical grade acne products yields good results and can maximize your results from other treatments.