About brown spots and pigmentation

Darkened regions of the skin and uneven pigmentation can occur for many reasons, from sun damage to several diseases such as melasma, chloasma or mask of pregnancy, and a sensitivity to sun due to some prescription drugs.

Some dark spots begin as an innocent mole and turn into melanoma, an aggressive form of cancer. The majority of moles and dark spots, however, are harmless. The average person has several dozen. Unlike typical aestheticians, south island physicians are trained to look for and identify problem moles and brown spots for further investigaton. Recent exciting experiments suggest IPL photorejuvenation may effectively destroy pre-cancerous cells, although more research is necessary.

About our treatment

From a skin assessment by one of our specialized physicians, one of the effective treatments IPL Photorejuvenation, microdermabrasion or ProFractional laser may be recommended for stubborn dark spots.

IPL is ideal as a series of gentle light treatments that target specific pigments of skin, with no recovery time required. Body areas that may have 'age spots' or brown spots such as hands neck, chest, arms, hands and legs can be treated with IPL. Generally 3 to 6 treatments produce the best results.

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A ProFractional laser treatment gives all the benefits of a laser skin resurfacing without the same risks of infection or lengthy downtime of other lasers.

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